The Conscious Connection and Community Symposium

Finding the path to creating deep connections, conscious circles and a lasting, supportive community.

An Online Virtual Event

September 19-20th, 2018

Join thousands of business, community and local leaders to explore doing our part in creating meaningful connection, greater community and thrive mores as humans beings.


Discover how to align conscious values to show up both at work and home to create real alignment in life.


Learn how to develop and expand your capacity to better facilitate circles and unlock the inner -teacher in all of us.


Get the tools and processes you need to evolve your practice into a sustainable way to “be” more connected and caring in all areas of life.


Learn the techniques of sustainable transformation to solve for our greater societal disconnect, pervasive loneliness and the broader need to belong.

Uncover the essential personal & professional development tools that you (and your people) need, in order to bring your personal A-game to the all of life’s roles, workplace included.


In this virtual experience, you’ll get practical, immediately applicable wisdom from leading experts about the proven methods and science of human connection and flourishing.   From mindfulness to positive psychology;  energy work to conscious creation and all the humans elements we crave in today’s always on, chaotic world.

2  full days of best practice presentations, 1:1 interviews and roundtable discussions

5 key tracks explored within conscious business

  • Conscious Leadership & Mindfulness
  • Wholebeing & Energy Work 
  • Facilitator Conscious Circling Skills
  • Community Connection and Life Journey Support 
  • Personal Development becoming Career Development

10+ Best Practice Seminars covering all aspects of conscious creation

Scores of Thought Leaders & Best-selling Authors

100’s of distinctions and golden nuggets central to your practice and programs success

20+ of the world’s thought leaders, pioneers, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs providing you with groundbreaking insights in their specialist fields

Priceless moments of insight to take your conscious game to the next level.


We have assembled the most world’s foremost authorities and experienced as our faculty. Those with decades of experience, success and deep practice to help of us more fully live and work in these chaotic times. The lessons and insights from such experience is invaluable. Experts like:


Eric Kaufman, renown expert Executive Facilitator and Author of the Four Virtues of a Leader and new Book: “Leadership: A Story of Courage, Resilience and Love”.


Gina Hayden, Global Conscious Leadership Guru and Author of “Conscious Leadership”


Wendy Quan, Mindful Advocacy Pioneer and Creator of Mindful Advocacy at Work Certification Program


Peter Mathias, Founder of the Conscious Business Institute and Master of Finding Your Way to Lead.


Meg Levie, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institutes most senior teacher and master facilitator (not to mention Zen Sensei)


Luke Iorio, CEO One Idea Away and IPEC


Megan McDonough, CEO and co-founder of Wholebeing Institute.


Dan Hoffman, CEO and Founder,

Plus: Interviews with leading corporations like LinkedIn, Cisco, Google, Nestle, SAP, BMW … on how the brought mindfulness to the workplace and Conscious Leadership to the executive team and the real numbers behind the success in sales, customer service and talent retention results they see.

Sample Day Agenda

Aug 28

Day 1:  Creating Connection & Community – Holding the Space for Ourselves and Others 

9am – 10.30

Fundamentals of Creating a Mindful Workplace & Wellbeing for All


11- 12.30

The Building Blocks towards becoming a Conscious Leadership


1pm – 2:30

Effective Methods to Holding Space for Conscious Leaders and Mindful Practitioners


3pm – 4.30

Creating a Conscious Circle:  Simple way to hold space to support life’s journey


5pm – 6.30

Roundtable Interview with top Corporate Leaders on how Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership on how they found The Path.

Aug 29

Day 2: Wholebeing & Work-Life Alignment

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