Conscious Business
World Summit

The World’s Largest Gathering
of Business Leaders Who Care

January 8-12, 2018


Where the Next Generation of Leaders Come to Grow.

Join thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs and experts for a full week of conscious leadership seminars, global brand thought-leadership interviews, and deep dive into conscious business best practices all with the single goal: to grow our capacity to lead in the world today.


The first question is: Are you ready to learn? Ready to look at leading your company or team in a new way that will unlock our greatest human potential? Not another lofty mission statement or cause to support just because it looks good in a press release. Rather, go deep to create sustainable impact, deeper purpose, community & connection at work, and fill our own lives as leaders with greater meaning and joy.

Not to be confused with some fluffy new age hippie-think. But concrete proven methods that have transformed our best leaders of global Fortune 1000 companies and the business tactics to actually drive greater results in cost savings, talent retention and, yes, profit.


Conscious Leadership Capacity Building

Mindful Self-Development & Stress Reduction

Finding & Creating Greater Purpose @ Work

Role & Path of Social Entrepreneurship

Fundamental  Pillars of Creating a Conscious Business

Sustainable Business Practices & B-Corp Creation

Next Generation of Culture & Talent Development

Corporate Advocacy and Activism


Conscious Business World Summit: Join thousands of values-aligned business leaders and advocates at the world’s largest gathering on making the world a better place. Through the intersection of sustainability, conscious self-awareness, values-based leadership and purpose-driven business, we will unlock the formula to making a real and lasting impact. We call it the “Me, We, World” framework for sustainable transformation and it starts with you, the leader. For one week the world’s top educators, authors, practitioners and business leaders are trail blazing the path to creating a better world through the vehicle of business and privilege of leadership – and you can be part of it.

The event is a collective of industry groups who care about moving the world forward. Founding Partners include: Conscious Company Media, Thrive, and Conscious Leaders Academy.


The Summit agenda is organized into 3 main categories of content in alignment with the Me, We, World process for sustainable impact. We have bookended the event to start with the “Me” on leadership and end on the “Me” of self-development. In the heart of the week is our “We” focus on workplace culture and the purpose and impacts of business on a wide range of stakeholders. Every day ends with a keynote panel featuring the people who are using the topic of the day to improve our “World”.











AM Session (ME)

Best Practice

Best Practice Principles: What it Really Takes to Become a Conscious Leader

Founding Principles of a Mission-Driven Businesses

The Optimal Workplace: Best Practices for creating a conscious culture

A 360 Degree Perspective on Sustainability & CSR

Compassionate Self-Relationship as the Cornerstone of Personal Power in Business

1:1 Interview

The Mindful Leader: Real-World Challenges of Leading Authentically and with Presence

Mapping Meaning to your Role at Work

Harnessing the Power of the Individual Employee: Why Everyone is Responsible for the Company Culture

The Role of the Individual in Sustainable Business

Self-Responsiblity: Why We Must Turn Within to Change Without

PM Session (WE)

1:1 Interview

Shakti Leadership: Leveraging the Power of the Feminine for Better Business Results

More than a Force for Good: Why Mission and Purpose are the Cornerstone of the Organisation

Trust, & Care: Essential Ingredients for a Conscious Business Culture

What Does it Mean for Us to be Conscious Environmentalists?

Meditation, Nutrition, Exercise and Rest: Embedding Wellbeing Practices for Personal Stability

1:1 Interview

Wisdom Together: How Conscious Leaders must Collaborate with Others to Co-Create Better Outcomes

Talk’s Cheap: How to Make the Conversation on Purpose a Practical Business Reality

Creating a Truly Inclusive Business Culture: Real World Challenges and Solutions

The B Corporation Way of Doing Business

Handling Conflict and Optimizing Relationships at Work


Evening Panel (WORLD)

The Emerging Role of Conscious Leaders in the World Today

Mission Beyond Profits: The Expanding Purpose of Conscious Business in Society

Is a Conscious Culture at Odds with Profit? Reality Check with Leading Edge Change Makers.

Conscious Business Advocacy: A Roundtable with CEOs Taking a Conscious Stand in a Turbulent World

Panel Discussion “Personal Development: The Global Key to Unlocking a Thriving Conscious Business Movement”



You will be able to join the 25 sessions of this week-long event from your laptop or phone when the topic (and your schedule) aligns with your interest. The event is free to watch live and small fee to access on-demand after.

All you do is register below. Add the event to your calendar. And voila… you get access to

  • 10 Best Practice Seminars
  • Scores of Thought-leaders & Authors
  • 100’s of moments of Inspiration that will light you on fire for 2018



Scott Shute
VP Global Customer Service,
Head of Mindfulness Programs

Screen Shot 3

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher, Inc.


Raj Sisodia
FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business


KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz
Founder Sustainable Brands
CEO and Founder Sustainable Life Media


Scott Kriens
1440 Multiversity


Dr. Daniel Siegel
NY Times Bestselling Author, Neuropsychiatrist, Mindsight Educator, Interpersonal Neurobiologist


Nilima Bhat
Co-author of Shakti Leadership, Founder/Director of Sampurnah

David Stroh

David Stroh
Co-Founder & Principal, Bridgeway Partners, and Co-Founder & Co-Director, Applied Systems Thinking


Alfred Tolle
Founder and CEO of, Former Google Director

Jacqueline Carter

Jacqueline Carter
Partner, Potential Project


Eric Kaufman
Sagatica Executive Coach, Speaker, Author

Diana Chapman

Diana Chapman
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group