Next Generation Conscious Leadership Program

A 10 Week Course hybrid Online/In-Person Program created to help the Next Generation Leaders cultivate authenticity, find greater purpose and lead with the grace.

Brought to you in partnership with: Everett Foundation; University of California, Santa Cruz; Conscious Company

Why Conscious Leadership?

Because the current model is broken. Causing so much unneeded suffering.

Living and leading in a world of constant distraction, high stress and deep lack of purpose has created an environment of intense suffering.  One that is not easily broken by a simple management technique or affirmation of positive thinking.  Its only fixed by changing our “way of being” and showing up in the world.  What we call Conscious Leadership.  A leader who exhibits:

Authenticity to be True to One’s Whole self

Courage to demonstrate Humility & Vulnerability

Grace & Poise under pressure and in everyday interactions

Clarity & Stability with great perspective guiding the way

Connects Deeply with Others

Inspires through own way of being

We need a new paradigm.  One that is driven by deep seeded values.   That prioritizes the human connection over productivity.  Places grace, honor and authenticity over results, efficiency and authoritative power.  One that is aligned with our purpose both as an individual and the organization.  One that allows us to be our one and whole self, and remove the roles and masks that cause distant between humans and near constant communication challenges.

Outcomes of Becoming a Conscious Leader

Calm & Ease

Learn the skills to be more grounded in your day-to-day life.


Observe and experience life clearly in order to be purposeful in your decisions and actions.

Purpose & Meaning

Find deeper purpose and meaning in your life and in your work.

Better Relationships

Learn communication skills and unlock Emotional Intelligence traits to more deeply relate to others.


Learn to look outside yourself and see the world as it is.

Greater Productivity

Prioritize what matters most and get more done with ease and presence of mind.

Resilience & Energy

Create a routine to maintain balanced energy and bounce back from challenging experiences.

Reduced Stress

Build the awareness and strength to free yourself from daily pressures and overwhelming work loads.

A Better You

Gain a deeper understanding of self in order to live a balanced, fulfilling, and happy life.

Why We Created the Program

After many years of conducting Conscious Leadership workshops for leaders around the world, as well as, here on campus at University of California, Santa Cruz, we felt like the time was now to create, one comprehensive program to address the full needs of our next generation or leaders. One that has the depth, individual customization and on going life-leadership circles to create a formula for lasting and supported transformation. And all in an easy and accessible manner both affordable and doable in the the chaotic lives we lead today.

“I was inspired to create the program because, after 15 years of being an entrepreneur and leader, I suffered under the false guise of “success”. Believing that my monetary gains, peer accolades and feeling of “I built this” would create joy for my soul and happiness for my friends and family. And yet when I asked my self of selves, I simply came up with that empty feeling.. that void in life. Something was missing. And day to day joy was not a reality. For me a small dull ache of feeling incomplete. It was only when I turned in-ward as opposed to trying harder and gaining more, that I began, slowly to solve for that void for myself. And with that greater capacity, I then found a better way to “be” thus a better way to lead. For me, I could not do anything less than share those learnings. It’s a gift and must be made accessible and simple for all.”

– Aaron Kahlow

The Skills You will Learn

Over 10 weeks, 2 weeks in person at the beginning and end of the course and 8 of those online and at your own pace,  you’ll build the skills, mental strength, access new tools to sustain a more conscious leadership practice. You will learn:


Various sitting, walking and movement meditation forms.


Steps to build Mindfulness into everyday activity for busy schedules.


Use of mindful listening, noticing, and reflecting to better connect.


Perspective tools to understand and deepen your connection with others.

Workplace Wellness

Simple ways to maintain calm, clarity, energy and focus.

And so much more…

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Cultivating our Conscious Leadership Practice

To find sustainable practices that support individuals and organizations both personally and professionally, we need a broader lens. This means a perspective that encourages mitigation of stress through mindfulness – the powerful practice of presence that’s imperative for leaders in today’s world.

The core purpose of the program is to open our minds and hearts o to new ways of thinking. Unlike traditional management and leadership teaching tactics, we focus on long-term lifestyle skills derived from the practice of mindfulness. Attendees will gain sustainable tools for stress reduction, positive communication, purposeful action, and energy management to lead happier, healthier, and more balanced lives both in and out of the office.

Founding Instructors

Aaron is one of the most dynamic and emerging figures in the massive shift toward mindful living. As a syndicated columnist, globally renowned speaker and long-standing personal practitioner of Zen Buddhism, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge to the mindfulness movement.

Most notable is his 15 years in corporate leadership as both a CEO and founding leader of 3 prolific education companies, creating his real world approach to modern-day mindfulness.

Aaron Kahlow

Founder and CEO


Katie Roper

Managing Director, Everett Program

Katie Roper is a GIIP alumni, who has formerly done documentary film directing, political organizing, strategic messaging, and directing grassroots fundraising operations. She is passionate about nonviolent communication, building intentional communities, and telling great stories.

Who Attends

Anyone looking for a better way to show up in the world and alleviate the stress, challenges of relationships and has desire to lead with greater purpose.

The program has 5 main cohorts (but open to all )that provide for both intimacy with smaller groups that will work together in their shared career/life stage as well as diversity of broader group as a whole to bring more full spectrum or perspective and interactions to the work.  Our 5 main cohorts are:

  1. High-potentials at Companies ( wanting to develop the capacity to lead
  2. Corporate Executives & Managers desiring tools to manage the daily chaos
  3. Social Entrepreneurs looking to improve their capacity to lead
  4. UCSC Under Graduates & Recent Graduates wanting to become leaders
  5. Start-Up Founders and Small Business Owners looking for a better way

What we call Next Generation leaders.

People wanting to show up in a more authentic, real, and compassionate way to do good in the world and eventually more effectively inspire and lead their teams and organizations.

Overview of How the Program Works

Week 1

Introduction to Conscious Business

In this first full day workshop, we will focus on the core foundations of Conscious Business. You will gain a deep understanding of the philosophy, theory and pillars of Conscious Business.

Topics Include:

  • Basics Aspects of Conscious Leadership
  • Theory of Conscious Leadership
  • Pillars of Conscious Leadership
  • Stages of Conscious Leadership
  • Myths of Conscious Leadership
  • Foundations of Silent Awareness

Week 2

Cultivating Presence

In Week 2, you’ll begin to develop a Mindful practice. You will learn meditation and Mindfulness techniques needed to strengthen the mind. The teachings in this week will support you in cultivating presence and better understanding how to separate your mind from your thoughts and feelings.

Here we will focus on:

  • Grounding in the Now
  • Removing distractions to become present
  • Observing the mind
  • Noticing but not identifying with thoughts and feelings
  • Creating space between thought and reactions
  • Developing and learning the skills of a foundational
    meditation practice
  • Developing a larger life perspective
  • Defining what is most important / creating your
    value system

Week 3

Creating Acceptance

Week 3 is when we start to explore our own personal lenses, filters and perceptions. Our meditation practice will become more defined, and we will learn how to create acceptance of ourselves and others by seeing things as they are.

Here you will learn to:

  • Remove the filters
  • See things as they are
  • Embrace suffering
  • Set expectations near zero
  • Understand impermanence and non-attachment (learning to let go)
  • Unravel past assumptions and fixed thinking
  • Create greater clarity
  • Implement a foundational meditation practice
  • Search for the highest truth

Week 4

Deploying Skills of Compassion

This workshop will deepen our skills in inner-reflection, so we can be more mindful with ourselves and in our relationships. Building on the previous weeks, we will learn how to deploy skills of compassion to build a life of meaningful purpose and intent.

This week you'll learn to:

  • Practice self-reflection and actualization
  • Cultivate inner-confidence and appreciation
  • Create Mindful skills in communication and relationships
  • Remove judgment
  • Develop emotional awareness
  • Relate with empathy
  • Live with intention
  • Take purposeful action

Week 5

Developing a Routine and Life-Practice

In our final week, we will draw upon the skills learned about presence, acceptance and compassion to create a sustainable routine and life practice that supports Conscious Business. As we focus on creating clarity around our own personal beliefs, we will lock in what it means to live every day mindfully.

Here we will focus on:

  • What a healthy daily routine looks like
  • Balancing life at home, work and with self
  • Creating wellness in the body through nutrition and exercise
  • Simple yoga practices to consider
  • Implementing your own personal Belief System
  • Being engaged in the mindful community
  • Embodying Mindfulness for all to benefit

Apply Today
(Limited Openings)


($3,500 if apply before March 1, 2018)*

Monthly Payment program available upon request.

Apply NOW and have the greatest chance of being accepted as one of the first cohorts.  

  • Introduction 5 day Immersion Kickoff Workshop at beautiful redwood draped University of California, Santa Cruz
  • 7 Weeks of Live Seminars and On-Demand Courses.
  • One on one and small group deep dives for customized experience with folks at the same stage in life/career.
  • Capstone final week in person  back at UCSC where we dive deep into our own transformation and learnings.
  • Access to thousands of fellow Conscious Leaders worldwide.
  • Monthly Conscious Circle support groups to maintain connection and accountability to stay the path of this life journey.

Outcomes and Learnings

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental tenant of conscious leadership
  • Translate tenants into our own core leadership values
  • Create the clarity and mental space to lead
  • Understand what it really means to be authentic & transparent leader
  • Learn the steps to build a purpose driven company culture
  • Establish deeper roots and routine including a meditation practice
  • Find deeper purpose & meaning in one’s own work
  • Increase mental clarity to make better decisions
  • Reduce the noise of one’s busy mind
  • Access greater well-being, balance, energy and overall happiness

Outcomes Include

  • Become more productive & focused
  • Find greater calm & perspective
  • Cultivation of Grace, Authenticity and Humility
  • Improve life balance and energy
  • Access greater capacity to lead with courage & clarity
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Increase sense of purpose & meaning
  • Improve talent retention & acquisition
  • Better communication across departments and staff
  • And a more healthy, sustainable way to work

Final Word

Many of us feel depleted from high levels of stress, large workloads and the overwhelming burden of everyday life tasks. As leaders, these physical, mental and emotional imbalances must be addressed to lead with awareness and compassion.

The time has come to simplify the burdens of our modern minds by gaining greater clarity, broadening our perspectives and building the skills to support our mental strength and emotional well being, so we can be be authentic and effective leaders.

The Program helps address these challenges by combining the ancient teachings (non-secular), the scientifically proven techniques and deep-rooted modern-day authentic leadership practices. Together, the skills learned from these schools of thought allow us to sustainably align with our highest selves and operate both personally and professionally from a place of balance, contentment and ease.

Working together, we will disassemble and reconstruct the definition and practices of “success.” In doing so, we can support every individual’s inherent alignment with their own integrity – thus becoming leaders that are worth following.

Next Generation Conscious Leadership Program

© 2018