The Premier Education Event at the Intersection of Conscious Leadership, Workplace Culture and Sustainable Business

On-Demand Sessions


Fundamentals of Conscious Leadership for the Greater Good

Aaron Kahlow, Co-Host, Conscious Business World Summit

Thought-Leadership Interview: Being My Authentic, Vulnerable Self

Tami Simon, Author and Founder, SoundsTrue

Thought-Leadership Interview: The Journey of Becoming a Mindful Leader

Scott Kriens, Chairman, Juniper Networks, Founder 1440 Multiversity

Best Practice Session: The Framework for Cultivating the Mind, Skills and Beliefs of Being a Conscious Leader

Eric Kaufman, Author, 4 Virtues of Leaderhip & CEO Sagatica

Mindfulness, Resiliance, and Compassion: Training companies cannot do without

Cory Smith, CEO, Wisdom Labs

Bringing Mindfulness to Large Organizations

Peter Weng, Head of Global Marketing & Chief Business Officer, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SILYI)

Creating a Conscious Workplace

Jacqueline Carter, Managing Partner, Potential Project

Thought-Leadership Interview: The Science & Human Element of Being a Conscious Leader

Dr. Dan Siegel and Eileen Fisher


Eight Steps to Higher Purpose

Nathan Havey, Founding Partner, Thrive

Leading Through Connection: The three keys to leading your mission

Uvinie Lubecki, Founder and CEO, Leading Through Connection

It starts with you: One woman’s unlikely journey to lead a nutrition revolution

Lisa Helfman, Real Estate Director, H-E-B

Mission Zero: How a very dirty company became one of the world’s most sustainable

Erin Meezan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Interface

Measuring Success: Why finding the right thing to measure unlocks the power of purpose

Marty Klubeck, Founder, MK Knowledge Builders

Head, Heart and Wallet: Find a bank that will use your money well

Vincent Siciliano, CEO, New Resource Bank

Taking a company Benefit: How a multinational public company is becoming a B-Corp.

Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder, B-Lab
Lorna Davis, Adviser to the CEO, Danone


Building a great place to work, for all

Michael Bush, CEO, Great Place to Work

Culture of Care: How a used car salesman built one of the best cultures in Texas

Steve Hall, CEO, Driversselect

Where the bar is set: Profound stories from leading cultures

Raj Sasodia, Co-Founder, Conscious Capitalism

Workplace Wellness: A 360 look at how to stay healthy, joyful and productive amidst the chaos

Cesar Gamio, Lead Consultant, Thrive Global

Best Practice Session: How to Stay Above the Line and Drama Free

Diana Chapman, Co-Founder, Conscious Leadership Group

How to Build a Conscious Business

Peter Matthies, Founder, Conscious Business Institute

Achieve More by Doing Less: A Multi-Level Approach to Sustainable Productivity

David Stroh, Author & Partner, Bridgeway Partners

How Mindfullness is changing business from the inside out

Joe Burton, Founder and CEO, Whil
David Gelles, Business Staff Writer, New York Times

Workplace Redemption: How inclusive cultures bring people back into society

Kenyatta Brame, Executive VP, Cascade Engineering
Jonathan Halperin, Head of External Affairs, Grayston Bakery


Justifying the Sustainability Imperative for a Business

Bob Willard, Author & Founder, Sustainability Advantage

Corporate Advocacy: Why proposing solutions beats criticizing decisions

Chip Conley, Head of Global Hospitality, Airbnb

Sustainability reporting supports the bottom line: Lessons from FT 500

Nikos Avlonas, President, CSE
Rosalinda Sanquiche, Marketing Coordinator, CSE

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Impact Policy

Julia Watts, Associate Director of Policy, American Sustainable Business Council

Performance Without Compromise: Conscious Companies make more money than unconscious ones

Michael Whelchel, Co-Founder, Big Path Capital

Thought Leadership Interview: Inspiring Story of Finding a Mission to Save the Environment

Lynne Twist, Founder, Pachamama Allilance


What’s next after mindfulness? Conscious Creation 101

Emily Lane, Founder, Conscious Leaders Academy, Co-Founder, Conscious Business World Summit

Lessons from LinkedIn: Transformation at the levels of person, organisation and industry

Scott Shute, VP Global Customer Service, Head of Mindfulness Programs, LinkedIn

Leveraging Feminine Power: Using business as a stage for your personal transformation

Maureen Simon, Founder and Creative Director of The Essential Feminine

Wisdom Together: A European perspective on conscious business

Alfred Tolle, Founder and CEO of, Former Google Director

The Science of Mindsight: Promoting insight, empathy and integration in business

Dr. Dan Siegel, NY Times Bestselling Author, Neuropsychiatrist, Mindsight Educator, Interpersonal Neurobiologist
Caroline S. Welch, CEO of Mind Your Brain, Inc. and Co-Founder of the Mindsight Institute

The Generosity Principle: Business as a platform to activate your higher nature

Nipun Mehta, Founder, ServiceSpace

Becoming More Human: Blending Mindfulness, Science and Humour

Gelong Thubten, Buddhist Monk and Mindfulness Teacher
Ruby Wax, Neuroscience Author & Honorary Senior Fellow of Regent’s University London
Ash Ranpura, Neurologist UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Creating a Mindful Nation, Transforming the World

Jamie Bristow, Director, The Mindfulness Initiative